Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a Twister!

The hot season is winding down here in San Cristóbal, and the weather is getting cooler. Back in the United States, however, spring is wilting in the heat of summer, and suffering through Tornado Season.

Being from Kansas, I've tried to explain the concept of Tornado Alley and it's wrath to my students. Usually they are not impressed.

I grew up in a location that I witnessed at least one tornado nearly each year. That being said, I was in awe of tornados. I respected them but was somehow never afraid of them. I was blessed to never have lost anything or anyone to a "twister."

Now, as I read about this season's tragedies throughout the Midwest, my thoughts go out to those who lost their homes, their families, their comforts and securities. It's in the response of any disaster, that the true face of man appears: the concerned neighbor, the helpful friend, the courageous stranger, the selfless rescuer. To me, this is the raw heart of humanity in action.

And while storm-chasing doesn't appeal to me, perhaps following behind in the path of where a tornado has touched down would prove more full of compassion and faith and love.

Destruction clears the way for newness, for change, for growth.

May these communities find calm during the storm and a peace which follows behind the dark clouds.