Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things That Make Life Worth Living

Family. Extended family. Adopted family. Friends you've known forever. Friends you'll only hang with for a short time. Freshly baked bread. Organic bananas on the stem. Puppies that wear purple plastic necklaces, so you'll know it's a female. Juice every color of the rainbow. Snorkeling and getting chased by sea lions. Learning new things, like slang phrases in new languages. Stepping over the line of comfort and outta your shell. Startling sightings of exotic birds. Washing laundry by hand and drying it on the line. Teaching barefoot. Kissing the person I love good morning, good afternoon, good night, and everything in between. Chocolate milk. Mail from distant loved ones. Summer clothes all year long. New books. Juicy watermelon. After lunch naps in hammocks. Frozen treats to beat the heat. Phrases like "hot season." Accents spoken by beautiful people from distant lands. Strangers who smile. Emerald waters. Riding waves. Swimming until you can't swim anymore. Dancing in over-packed discos. Watching the stars. Comfortable silences. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Waking up to the sound of hard rain. Eating great food while watching soccer games. Little baby laughs. Having good health. Travel plans. Music gifts of new artists from friends. Forgetting how old you are. Sun and surf. Ceviche and popcorn and chifles. Tiny sweet mangos from the tree in your front yard. Sea kayaking. Laughing at everything the day brings. Journaling like no other. Finding yourself at peace. Knowing how good you've got it.