Monday, January 10, 2011

Odds and Ends

I washed an apron that my grandmother gave me, and wondered when was the last time it had been scrubbed by hand. It is drying on the line, in the fresh sea breeze.

I went swimming yesterday, and as I first dipped my toes into the tide, a baby sea lion rode the wave ashore and flopped over to me and kissed my leg with it's mouth. It felt like the muzzle of a dog, whiskers and all.

I ate chocolate today, only because it was melting and needed to be gotten rid of.

I am typing up the lyrics for the first song I'll present to my class this week, "Stand By Me," the acoustic version by John Lennon. I decided to set a goal of singing a song in Spanish at a karaoke bar by my birthday.

I walked with the other teacher all the way to Loberia and back, because we were in too deep a conversation to jog, as planned.

I played "Telephone" with my classes today and found out just how big of giggle-boxes they really are. (Huge.)

My word of the day is, "la caseta de perro" which means doghouse or kennel. Dogs here run free, or are tied to stakes, or are barricaded on top of the roof so as to stay out of trouble.

I decided to take Evolutionary Biology classes starting next month with the international semester students. For free and for fun.

My makeshift garden has one surviving tomato plant, lemon grass, aloe, three pepper plants, and some basil. Oh, and the mango tree is coming along nicely, as well.

I have yet to buy fresh bread from my favorite panederia, because I know I won't be able to resist those chocolate-iced and filled doughnuts.

I have pictures and postcards and my new calendar from my nephew plastered to the side of the dresser. And some of my signature 'look-up-the-tree-trunk" pictures.