Saturday, June 19, 2010

Casa Preciosa Casa

Saturday I went to eat a ceviche with Marco, Jose's uncle and one of my private English students. He is such a sweet man, so eager to learn and so generous to everyone. He has no children, so he has seemingly adopted me as a daughter-like figure. He owns an outfitter store, called Patagonia, with mountain bikes, scuba and snorkel gear, he offers day tours on his speed boats, and even fishing for tuna and other big fishes. While we were eating, I mentioned that I was interested in looking for my own apartment here.

I enjoy living in a dorm at the university, but I prefer my own space (such a westernized concept, i know) and am growing tired of sharing a small kitchette with around 8 or 9 other people. Plus, since my home is the university, it's often very noisy with students. Already international student groups are arriving, and just like when I was a student here, the university was the hub. It's close to the beach, there's free internet here, potable water, everything. And while I am pampered here (my room gets cleaned and my bed made daily, there is free linen and towel service, and free breakfast every morning), I want my own space. I want to have a balcony and plants and pictures on the walls. I want a place that is more quiet and more personal.

So, after our ceviche lunches, complete with Cokes in glass bottles, popcorn and platano chips, he took me to his brother's house, which has an apartment for rent. It's a beautiful space on the third floor of an orangey plaster house with rust-colored molding. There is a kitchen complete with blender and microwave and minifridge, a small table and chairs, a nice window peeking over other rooftops of Baquerizo Moreno. A large bedroom with bed and closet, three windows and bathroom with tiled shower. The best part is the doorway from the kitchen to the outside patio, a large open space with plaster railings, two sides of the house, supplying vistas of the town and the port and beach. There are clotheslines. There is space for plants and chairs, for sunrise yoga sessions and sunset wine tastings.