Sunday, July 4, 2010


Confiar, to trust, is a lesson I am learning, and it seems like I am always learning it. Trust is blind faith. It is taking a chance and risking something, whether material or spiritual. It is quite a feat, I believe, to trust fully in your self. At times I am so happy to be back on this lovely island, while at others I am wondering what I am missing out on somewhere else. Trusting my self in the decisions I am living out is a challenge that I'd like to overcome. To truly Be Here Now and stop weighing options that have seemingly past.

To be at peace with Trust. It is rare that I trust people. They must truly earn it, and then, if compromised, it is seldom that they regain totally the trust I once bestowed. I aim to lend small stones of my faith to others for safekeeping, knowing some will remain, while others will be lost. To trust in the world and it's happenings, that your effort is worth it and that the small things you do or don't do each day make a difference. That every good work is indeed a drop in the bucket, one that does not leak.

Trust in the notion that good things are delivered to good people. Belief in anything that declares good works will be returned. Trust in humankind and the future of our country, the behavior of our hand in other countries, and trust in mankind that pain and suffering are being reduced in ways that are capable and realistic. By recognizing poverty of mind, body, and spirit, you are able to share what you have so much of.

Anton Chekov said, "You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.”

It's not the fact of the matter, it's the process that's holding me up. How does one let go of the reluctance to trust in something or someone, only to later watch it, like so many other things, fizzle, falter, and fail?

I am learning to accept the universe and everything it contains for what it is, and trying not to let my heart break every time a star burns out from shining.